Complaints / Claims

This form will be received by the Ethics Committee only. You may choose to contact us directly at or use the form below. In any case, the Ethics Committee, pursuant to our Management Policy, undertakes to keep confidential this complaint/claim for all interested parties, in order to avoid any kind of retaliation. This form can be sent anonymously, in which case the name and contact details of the complainant/claimant will not be filled in; this complaint method has the disadvantage that, as we do not have access to any communication channel with the complainant, we cannot ask him/her for further information, if necessary, nor inform him/her of the processing status of his/her complaint/claim. When contact details are available, additional information may be requested and the complaint/claim status may be communicated. In the latter case, information will be provided only if:


It is considered that there is not enough merit / sufficient information to continue the process and is closed without associated actions.

The complaint/claim is being analyzed

The process has been completed and no corrective action has been taken.

The process has been completed and corrective action has been taken.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. The Complainant/Claimant undertakes to submit relevant and reliable information in good faith.