Reliability, Certainty, Confidentiality and Continuous Improvement are the values which identify us when providing services to our clients.

Our Company

With more than 25 years of proven experience, we provide comprehensive advice in several areas such as international trade, coordination of logistic services, customs clearances and supplies on board, all within a reliable and trustworthy environment, ensuring confidentiality and the firm´s overall on-going improvement.

Our mission

We strive to satisfy the needs and reasonable expectations of our clients, providing them with essential services in international trade and logistics, aimed at improving their competitiveness, in an efficient and profitable manner.

Our values make a difference:

Personalized attention:

We focus on every one of our clients and customize our services in order to ensure a maximum return to our clients.

Strategic partners:

We are part of the value chain of strategic clients, becoming part of their business and maximizing our efforts to achieve excellent results.

Exclusive dedication:

Our high sense of responsibility towards strategic clients often leads us to refrain from providing similar services to other competing companies in their respective fields of expertise.

Constant evolution:

We constantly assess suggestions and opportunities to improve our services, detected by our clients, suppliers and international colleagues in order to incorporate suggestions and opportunities to our powerful process improvement system.


Our own private datacenter ensures the last generation of technology communication, storage, security and availability, and the best service conditions.

Proven experience:

Our clients value our agile attention provided by our youngest employees and the tranquility of knowing they work closely with experienced staff who are part of the company since its beginnings.



Comprehensive Management System

In order to ensure our clients the highest quality standards and compliance with international regulations, we have implemented a Comprehensive Management System of our services comprised of:

  • Quality Management System, certificate of conformity pursuant to standards UNIT-ISO 9001:2015 at a national level, as well as UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 at an international level by IQNet and AENOR Spain, since 2004.
  • Security Management System for the supply chain, certificate of conformity with respect to standards ISO 28000:2022 by UNIT (being the first company certified in the country).
  • AEO – Authorized Economic Operator by the National Customs Board.

Our Quality and Security are enhanced by each and every one of the aspects which form our company and our services; we care about all such aspects and pursue constant improvement, admitting and learning from our mistakes, in order to grow as persons and as a company every day.

“To be TRUSTWORTHY implies FULL and EFFECTIVE compliance with our commitments to our clients, suppliers and the community.”

“We are committed to conduct our business in an OBJECTIVE, FAIR, HONEST and RESPONSIBLE MANNER (…) respecting CONFIDENTIALITY as an essential value of our professional practice.”

“We value each of our clients as individuals; thus we are proud to LISTEN TO, UNDERSTAND and ASSIST our clients as unique human beings, encouraging a professional personal relationship with each one of our clients while providing SERVICES TAILORED TO EACH CLIENT´ S NEEDS.”

PwC Uruguay (PricewaterhouseCoopers) examines on a regular basis the documentation regarding our customs clearance operations.


At the end of 2021, we formally adhered to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
As an organization, we undertake to abide by such principles and cause the same to be met in our workplace and in our relationship with customers and suppliers.

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Monday thru Friday: 8:45 am – 6:30 pm

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